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Complete Bottle Line – NonCarbonated Beverage

Runs 500 ml PET bottles – spring water, 26.7mm lightweight screw caps

Complete bottling line (2001 & newer)

Currently running 500 ml PET bottles – spring water, 26.7mm lightweight screw caps , loose bottles into trays or 6-packs into trays with overwrap. Line has a Procomac Rinser/Filler/Capper capable of running only non-carbonated beverages. The equipment is still in place in Florida USA and will run until end of summer ///////
Available for removal and shipment later this year.

Manufacturer Item / Description
• Lanfranchi / NTS Bottle Unscrambler
• Domino Laser Bottle Coder, model D-Series Plus
• Procomac Cap Hopper / Cap Feeder with all stainless vacuum clean air system
• Presco Full Bottle Inspection System, model Intellispic
• Paxton Air Knife
• Aquionics Water Sterilizer
• Procomac Bottle Rinser / Filler / Capper – Tri-bloc 75/60/15 – non-carbonated beverage rinsing / filling / capping system, 2001.
• Rinser, 75 stations – Gripstar
• Filler, 60 valves – Fillstar 60 (114mm pitch valve spacing), Allen-B PLC SLC 5/05
• Capper, 15 heads (Zalkin) – Teste Pick-N-Place 15 Head Capping Turret, set on 26.7mm caps
• Krones Labeler – Rotary hot melt wraparound labels, 18 station with Nordson ProBlue glue system, year 2001
• Ocme Bundler / Multi-Packer running loose bottles into 6 packs & 12 packs unsupported, printed film, year 2001
• Ocme Tray Erector / Tray Loader makes trays and loads loose bottles or multi=packs into trays, year 2001
• Ocme Case Palletizer with auto pallet feeder and auto tier sheet feeder, year 2001
• Procomac Accumulation Table, 9’ x 18’, center driven with pusher bar, Intralox chain
• Procomac Full Bottle Tabletop Conveyors, multi-pack conveyors and full case conveyors
• Allen-Bradley Controls for Conveyor Systems, primarily SLC 5/05 with Powerflex Drives and Panelview touch screen

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