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Complete Beverage Bottling Line runs 36,000 BPH

Used Sidel Beverage Bottling Line - Blow, Fill and Cap PET Bottles at 36,000 BPH

Complete Beverage Bottling Line

Used Complete Bottling Line fills PET Bottles at 36,000 BPH with 26.7 mm plastic screw caps

This Sidel PET Bottling Line was is a Block format to Blow, Fill and Cap PET Beverage Bottles at 36,000 BPH. The Sidel Line is running 8.5 gram lightweight bottles with 26.7mm plastic caps. The Line is complete and in good operating condition and made up with newer technology equipment from year 2005.


BERG Chiller, Model PW-15-2P, 575v-3ph-60hz
Samento Preform Loader Unscrambler, Model 1900, 480v-3ph-60hz
Sidel BLOCK BLOW-FILL-CAP / Rotary Block running 500ml.lightweight bottles
o SIDEL Blow Molder Model SBO Universal SBO20R, 400v – 50/60 Hz
o Sidel 60 valve PET Bottle Filler model SF Select GL 60/15C, Siemens PLC
o Zalkin 15 head Bottle Capper, Model T15/540 set on 26.6mm
Air Force Cap Bin Tipper, Model 54, 600v-3ph-60hz
Sidel Cap Feed Elevator 480v-3ph-60hz
Industrial Dynamics Inspection System Fil-tech FT-50
Sidel Tabletop Bottle Conveyor, Model Gebo
Krones Bottle Labeler 24 Platform, Canmatic 073-Q61. Cut N Stack Hot Glue, 460-3ph-60hz
Sidel / Cermex Milti-Packer Shrink Wrapper Runs 12-pack, 15-pack, 24-pack, 35-pack
Sidel Automated Pack Conveyor, Model Gebo
Ozocan Ozone Generator, no contact tank
Image Bottle Inkjet Coder, model 9450
Sidel / Cermex Case Palletizer Model 460v-3ph-60hz
Wulftec Pallet Stretch Wrapper Model WCRT-200, 230v-3ph-60hz

Category: Complete Lines
Manufacturer: Sidel
Model: Various
Year: 2005
Serial Num: Various
Location: Off Sight
Item Number: 190801

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