Krones Modular Labeler model Solomodul II

Krones Modular Labeler model Solomodul II

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Used Krones Modular Labeler model Solomodul II

Includes Krones Checkmat Inspection, Year 2017


Krones modular labelers are multi-faceted, because they are suitable for labeling with cold-glue, hot-glue and self-adhesive labels just alike. This labeling machine is of modular design and can be configured from individual assemblies. The cold-glue and hot-melt labeling stations or the self-adhesive label applicators can be connected to the main machine as required. When changing the labeling process, the Plug & Label labeling stations can be replaced easily. It is also possible to use the cold-glue and self-adhesive labeling stations simultaneously or to change the labeling type after any time. This labeler was running Front and Back pressure sensitive self-adhesive labels and further includes a Krones Checkmat inspection system.


  • Krones Solomodul II Labeler

With (2) pressure sensitive self-adhesive labeling Aggregates

  • 35 Independent servo driven container plates (heads) for maximum flexibility
  • Krones Checkmat Inspection System
  • Allen-Bradley controls
  • Allen-Bradley PowerFlex drives
  • State of the art touchscreen HMI controller on swing arm
  • Electrical is 460v-3ph-60 hz
  • Last running 4oz and 5oz bottles.
  • Includes change parts for 4.5 ounce and 5.0 ounce bottles
  • Includes operator’s manual and some spare parts


ModelSolomodul II
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