Beverage Can Line with CFT 20 Valve Can Filler / 4 Head Seamer

Beverage Can Line with CFT 20 Valve Can Filler / 4 Head Seamer

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Beverage Can Line with CFT 20 Valve Can Filler / 4 Head Seamer

Partial Canning Line running standard 12 oz & 16 oz aluminum cans.

This can line was running beer in 12 oz aluminum cans to 180 CPM, 16 oz cans at 140 CPM; 202 ends / 211 body. 


Can Line Machines Included and Description;

CFT Empty Can Twist Rinser- Water Rinse

  Dual Can Rinser with Change Parts for 12oz & 16oz aluminum cans

CFT 20 Valve Can Filler Model RS20, 480v-3ph-60hz, year 2013

    Model MASTER CAN TRONIC FILLER Model RS 20/4, Serial No. 8769, 480 Volt, 60 Hz, 3 Ph

CFT 4 Head Can Seamer, Model 3000/4, year 2013, Stainless Steel Free Standing Electrical Panel, 

    Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC, Allen Bradley PowerFlex VFDs

Conveyor & Automation Stainless Steel Full Can Conveyors, 4.5” Wide, (no electric panel controls)

Carleton Helical Technologies Can Invert / Re-vert System, 12 oz & 16 oz Change Parts

Videojet Ink Jet Coder

In-Line Pressure Sensitive Wrap Around Labeler, Model Paradigm 700

Stainless Steel Flow-through Conveyor Table with Plastic Mattop Belt

Mumm Products Carrier Ring Applicator, Model 450, Serial No. 45010161067, year 2016

    240 Volt, 1 Ph, Capable of 4-Packs, 6-Packs, 8-Packs

Switchback Can Cartoner Model No. AI-3H, Serial No. 1265-0413,

   Nordson PROBlue 7 Hot Glue System, Capable of 4-Packs, 6-Packs, 12-Packs

Lot of Spare Parts, (approx. value $30,000)


ManufacturerCFT Packaging USA
ModelRS20 and 3000/4
Serial Number8769
Stock Number231221