Sleeve Seal Labeling Sleever Sleeve Labeler

Sleeve Seal Labeling Sleever Sleeve Labeler

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Sleeve Seal Labeling Sleever Sleeve Labeler Used Model SSL-600 Shrink Sleever Labeling Machine with Steam Tunnel, Year 2012

The SSL-600 Vertical Sleeve Labeler drive train is constructed of high-grade, precision machined parts that are all built for a single purpose – to deliver a consistent stream of labels to your containers. This robust, easy to adjust system is at the heart of all our high-speed sleeve label systems. The fast change mandrel provides the perfect sleeve profile to meet the incoming container no matter what shape or speed. It is also ideal for easy incorporation of new future formats.

Features: – Manufacturer Sleeve Seal – Little Rock AR – Model SSL-600 with SST-800 Steam Tunnel – Stainless Steel Frame Construction – Can run container sizes 25mm – 130mm – Allen Bradley CompactLogix Programmable Controller – Allen Bradley Kinetix fx6000 Servo Drives – Allen Bradley PowerFlex Variable Frequency Drives – Allen Bradley PanelView Plus 1000 Touch Screen – Threaded Leg Levelers


ManufacturerSleeve Seal
Serial NumberL06121063 / L06130315
Stock Number231018
SpeedRated up to 600 BPM