Headspace Cap Sterilizer

Headspace Cap Sterilizer

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Headspace Sterilizer Arrowhead Vertical Conveyor Headspace Sterilizer

Control your sterilization process with the Arrowhead Vertical Humpback Headspace Sterilizer. Tuck the Headspace Sterilizer between your capper and cooler on a hot fill line to sterilize the hot filled containers. Containers move through the vertical equipment gripped and tilted allowing them to stay in vertical until the hot liquid has had enough time to sterilize the headspace area and closure. Handle multiple size containers simply by hand crank adjustments. This unit runs up to 250 feet per minute and is easy to install.

Features – Model Number GHB-S-LH-3.25-077010770D – Serial Number GHB-196-0319 – Manufacturer Arrowhead Systems Inc. – Adjustable for various size bottles – Rated to 250 feet per minute – Dimensions 175” L x 60” W x 124” H


ManufacturerArrowhead Systems
Serial NumberGHB-196-0319
Stock Number230911