Hot Fill Beverage Bottling Line

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Hot Fill Beverage Bottling Line

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Hot Fill Beverage Bottling Line Used Complete Hot Fill Beverage Bottle Line for PET or Glass Bottles

used Hot-Fill Bottling Line last ran tea and juice beverages into 16 ounce glass bottles at 600 bottles per minute. The equipment is fully supported and well maintained with mixed vintages between 2008 and 2018. This complete line previously ran hotfill beverages into plastic PET bottles before glass bottles. Downstream packaging consisting of a Jones Cartoner running 12-packs, then tray packed with shrink film using Douglas packers. All of the equipment includes operator manuals, software programs and spare parts.

EQUIPMENT LIST: Packaging Equipment Includes: Sentry Bulk Bottle Depalletizer, ran PET and Glass bottles Sentry Pressureless Bottle Combiner Sentry Empty Bottle Conveyor Sentry Container Lowerator, Ionized Air APV Crepaco Heat Exchanger, Plate & Frame Stainless Steel U.S. Bottlers 72v Bottle Filler, Pressure Gravity PGF-72 / R1500 AHP Machine & Tool (now Crown) Lug Capper with Silgan Cap Elevator Feeder Heuft Fill Height and Cap Inspection System, model Spectrum TX, XRAY Sentry Cap and Head Space Sterilizer, Hump Type C.C. Evans Cooling Tunnel, model 8072, Year 2015 Alfa Laval Heat Exchanger, Plate & Frame Sonic Air knife Domino Laser Coder Krones Labeler, Prontomodul Modular, Year 2018, (2) Hot Glue Modules Heuft Label Inspection System, model Prime, Non-XRAY R.A. Jones Cartoner, Nordson Hot Glue, Year 2008 Domino Case Coder, Ink Douglas Tray Former Tray Packer, model T-75, year 2008 Douglas Tray Shrink Wrapper, model S-75, year 2008 Ryson Case Spiral – Incline Production Automation (PAI) Case Palletizer, Series 5200 Orion Pallet Stretch Wrapper, model MA55 Process Equipment Includes: Feldmeier Mix Tank with ADMIX High Shear Heat Exchanger, Shell & Tube Stainless Steel Feed Tanks Ancillary support equipment; pumps, chart recorder, spare parts, etc.


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