UNSCRAMBLERS  (3 available)
used Posimat Bottle Unscrambler, M15 bottle unscrambler last used in a water plant running 160 bpm.
This unit is in very good condition. Year 2002, serial number 10474.

The plastic bottle unscramblers in the MASTER Series are easily operated, efficient, and require hardly any
maintenance. Suitable for a wide variety of bottle shapes and sizes. Change formats by simply plugging and unplugging
the new selecting pieces / funnels for the format to be positioned, without the need for tools or adjustments. These
format changeovers can easily be done by a line operator in a brief amount of time
used Pace Bottle Unscrambler, model CP4,  Serial # 827. Built in 1990. Last running 32 oz F style bottles.
Electrics: 230 VAC-3 ph power. Includes bottle hopper / feeder.
used Nalbach Bottle Unscrambler,  Model Necsort 105LH, SN M38204 3211
    Unit accepts wide range of plastic bottles from random bulk supply and single files them onto discharge conveyor.
    Last running PET  bottle sizes 16oz., 24oz. and 32oz. plastic bottles
              Model NS-105: Rated to 500 CPM
              Container Sizes:
              Diameters from 2" to 7-1/2"
              Heights from 2" to 13-1/2"